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RAVEN T-5 CENTERPIN REEL  The extensively ported Raven T-5 reels are designed to be the very best centrepins ever produced.  Exceptionally light and amazingly solid, this reel is the ideal match for the Raven RPX and RB9 float rods.  The T-series reels are the ultimate balance between strength and design.  Starting from the exclusive bearing housing that is precision machined to ABEC 5 standards and features the same thermal expansion as the bearings to ensure the optimal performance from the dead of winter to the heat of the August sun.  To ensure maximum dependability, the clicker system is machined directly into the backplate to eliminate extra moving parts.  The high precision milling of the spool and backplate offers the massive weight reduction, maximizes structural integrity and ensures optimal ergonomics to make it fit perfectly to hand.  And finally, the deep penetrating High Anodized finish resists scratching to protect its beauty while offering an amazingly smooth polished edge that allows for more "drag" control and reduced finger burn on screaming runs.  Features include: Dark Titanium color with an Ultra Smooth Scratch Resistant Hard Anodized finish; diameter=4-3/4"; weight=7.5 oz; aircraft grade aluminum; exclusive High Tolerance Stainless Steel Bearing Housing; integral low profile reel foot; adjustable tension screw; high strength stainless steel spindle; twin shielded high precision ABEC 5 bearings; low profile cam-action ratchet button; fully integrated clicker system; capacity=325 yd/10 lb line plus backing.

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