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LUHR-JENSEN COYOTE FLASHER  This is the best deep water trolling attractor available.  It features a full 360 degree rotation and intense horizontal flash that draws big fish in from greater distances.  Also, its moulded plastic construction makes it easier to pull than conventional metal flashers, making it the perfect choice for use with larger Dipsy Divers and Deep Six divers.  Because the Coyote Flasher will impart action to a lure such as the Coyote Spoon or B-2 Squid, remember that leader length is critical.  Use a shorter leader for faster action and a longer leader for a slower action that would be better for big chinook and lake trout.  8" flasher in green/glow cracked ice/fire only.  Limited quantities.  SALE ITEM  Regular price = $12.95


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