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DYNA-KING ULTIMATE INDEXER ROTARY VISE  An introduction to a new angle in fly-tying!  The Ultimate Indexer is the ultimate choice for all your tying needs.  The added features of this vise make the Ultimate Indexer a top of the line vise which has been marveled at by fly tyers everywhere since its introduction.  Beautifully hand crafted of high grade stainless steel, brass and aluminum in the USA.  Features Dyna-King's Notch Lock Cam and tool steel-hardened Jaws for the ultimate in secure hook holding capability.  Every part is sanded, polished and assembled by hand to ensure that your Ultimate Indexer is not only a thing of beauty but a high quality, incredibly versatile tool.  Your vise comes complete with an instructional video on rotary tying featuring Al Beatty.  The Ultimate Indexer comes standard with Dyna-King's Swivel Mount-designed lightweight Bobbin Hanger.  This newly designed mount allows the tyer to tilt it up and down as well as swing out of the way when necessary.  The Bobbin Hanger may be positioned anywhere on the vise shaft.  Also included with your vise is our convenient snap-on Centering Gauge which allows you to center your hook shank to the axis of rotation.  The Ultimate Indexer is available with an Extra Large Pedestal Base or a Large Clamp with Outrigger.  Features: Innovative Angle Adjustment Shaft; New Bobbin Mount Design; Freely Rotating Body; 90 degree Handle Extension; Indexing Feature which allows the vise to be rotated to one of eight stopping points to aid in curing epoxy or for easy viewing - may be easily disengaged by simply unscrewing the knurled brass indexing knob on the vise.  Hook range = 8/0 to 22; Length, jaw tip to end = 8-1/2"; Height, jaw tip to bench = 7"; Weight, with pedestal = 7 lb; Weight, with clamp = 3 lb.


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